April 18, 2014

  • Good Friday…

    Today has been just that. I know that the days seem to just swim by.

    E. quit his job and has taken a new job he will start on Monday. He is still much the same.

    KND. is working and going to school and getting ready to graduate from High School.

    BigE. He is loving his job and wanting to work closer to full time but that will take a while. He just bought me dinner. :-)

    MidE is coming home for a month this summer after he gradutaes from High School. He is also working a part time job and they are saving his job for when he gets back from our house. He is looking at working and going to college this fall.

    LilE is still struggling with attitude but for the most part he is doing ok. I just wish why he is trying to rebel when there is truly no reason to rebel against me but he is.

    WahE is doing much of the same he has always done. Full of life and fun but still trying to do everything for everyone.


    As for me, I am having the time of it. Good times and bad. The good are amazing. I have been gaming with my oldest and youngest fighting monsters and loving ever minute of it. The only reason that LilE isn’t is because for some reason he refuses to play games with WahE and now he is mad at BigE. So I game with him some of the time and with the other two some of the time. We have had such fun playing Monster Hunter. Other than that I am just doing the same. Keeping house, washing laundry, homeschooling the boys and all that sort of thing. I am also still looking for a job. It is really hard to find work when one is the sole caregiver for 2 boys under the age of 16. Soon they will be that  old then I will be able to get a job easy.

April 13, 2014

  • Palm Sunday Happenings…..

    Today was a day for spending with my boys. Went to church, came home, ate lunch and then our adventure began.

    We drove downtown to the San Diego Library to participate in Nintendo Ds (3Ds and other ones as well) Streetpass with the theme of Animal Crossing. The 3 boys that are at home, BigE, LilE and WahE were with me.

    This meet-up is really fun. We play games with those around us. WahE was able to play his favorite game with a few people, BigE and WahE played Mario party with a few others as well. LilE created a Mario quiz and spent quite some time with another person discussing Mario Cannon (quite entertaining). While I sat there and played video games with enjoying listening to my kids having fun with others like minded. We arrived at 2 and it went to 5. Then we came home.

    We had a great day. I am glad to find that we can do this once a month. I think it may help them develop a better sense of themselves and their ability to talk with others. BigE is forming a few friendships, and LilE spent time chatting with someone that does coding for a few online games. This guy is starting to talk with him about the game that LilE has been developing for quite some time. I hope  for my boys that this time will help them to be able to want to do more out in the world and find their place to be an adult.

April 6, 2014

  • life

    it sure seems like life sure likes to get in the way of my blogging.

    A few weeks ago the world seemed like it would take forever. I have had the best of times and the worst of times. I have had a few days of just hanging out and having fun playing monster hunter with all my boys. We have all of us playing and having a rip roaring time. And then we have had the times of just sitting here crying because of how LilE is so angry and hurting. I wish he would realize how much we love him and stop being so selfish. We all just go on with our lives and get on with it but the good times have truly been good.

March 15, 2014

  • another new day

    • I feel so tired today.
    • I want to run off and play hooky from life
    • I want to hang out with friends and have fun
    • I want to drive to Texas, grab my MidEGGO and bring him home.
    • LilE is having a difficult day.
    • WahE is in trouble
    • E had the car till I was not able to leave the house
    • HOW are all of you?

March 14, 2014

  • giving up drama queens for lent….

    A week and a few days ago, LilE had a few problems with AK. These problems were to the point he was avoiding going anywhere he thought AK would be. I allowed him a few days to adjust to his own thoughts and such. After giving him his space I was able to talk with him about expectations, reality and standing ones ground so as not to be walked over, or treated in such a way that he feels he has no options.

    On Sunday, I took him around some of the kids he would see at the Mix and possibly interact with and I also knew that AK wouldn’t be there.

    LilE went, spent time with a few other kids and enjoyed himself. He spent a few other times with some other kids because part of his putting up with AK is because he feels like he has no other friends and he starts feeling bad about the things AK bags on him for.

    I also talked with one of the adults that keeps an eye on the kids at The Mix and asked for just a few extra eyes on LilE when AK is around and just not look but to take in what he sees of the interaction.

    FF to Wed night. The Mix night.

    LilE made a point to run ahead of me and get into The Mix so I didn’t check him in. I went off and did my thing.

    When I got back, LilE was nowhere to be found but I did talke with the adult I had talked with before. He commented that he saw LilE pick up his things up and move a few tables away from AK. This happened several times.

    LilE finally came out and we drove home. I left him alone till he wanted to talk… when he talked he did.

    He said he got in early, picked the table he wanted to hang out with his friends at. Slowly the other kids came in, AK was the last of his friends.

    The other kids came hung out and went of to do other things and then would come back. AK showed up when LilE and 2 other kids were talking. AK told those kids to get lost they were in HIS spot. So those kids including LilE got up and moved a few tables away.

    AK sat surprised for a little bit and then moved over to the other table when the other kids went off to do other things.

    LilE stayed and chatted with AK till he started being rude so LilE got up and moved back to the first table.

    AK followed and asked him why he got up….

    LilE responded, “I am giving up drama queens for lent!”

    AK  seemed stunned then asked why LilE said that.

    LilE explained that AK’s behavior was inappropriate. Pulling his hair (AK pulling LilE’s hair) was inappropriate and not fun.

    AK said his sisters do it to him all the time and he found it playful.

    LilE then said he didn’t want to be called an idiot or stupid anymore and wasn’t going to put up with is.

    AK said he was just being silly and not to get so bent out of shape over that.

    LilE brought up several other things that AK did which he “explained away” .

    By the end of the night LilE was willing to allow AK to sit around him but he would move when AK would pull other “stunts” and LilE spend time with the other kids he is  becoming friends with. AK was more than asked to do things with them but refused.


    When LilE was done telling me about his night I asked him if he accepted the explanations. He said while he doesn’t believe what AK said, but he was not wanting  to exclude anyone. He wants to still be friend with AK because they are on the same level and like somethings the other kids don’t like but he wants to have new friends so that AK knows he doesn’t have to put up with crap from him.

    My LilEGGO gave up Drama Queens for Lent. :-)

March 10, 2014

  • Time

    Time just seems to get away from me. This year is almost worse than last year and I don’t like it flying as fast as it does.

    I have recently, two days ago, gotten a new tablet with a key pad that just makes me love being able to write again. As a matter of fact  I have been filled with loads of ideas to write about.

    Last night I wrote out 2 amazing stories that were pure gold, then I woke up and realized it was a dream. The stories were still somewhat in my head but by the time I got out my stuff to write with….they had flitted out of my silly head.

    Today, I have been trying to write a few things. It was interesting I was on my way to the store and some briliant things to write popped into my head. By the time I got parked and my pen and paper out to jot down the ideas…they too were gone. None of that goes to make me a happy camper. I want to get back into writing again.

    I found a few of my short stories recently and have started the process of polishing them up a bit to see if they could be in a short story book or something.

    I also found the poem of my father’s that I was starting to illustrate and I need to get working on that as well.

    So I have a lot of things I am wanting to do, sadly being a parent and making sure they do what they need to, like eat, wash, clean, school work and all those other mundane things take priority.

    In other news….

    • BigEGGO has once again been praised for his outstanding work at his job.
    • MidE has a job and a girlfriend so he calls rarely
    • LilE has dropped his friendship with AK due to AK getting LilE kicked out of a few of the online places I let him go. AK did so because LilE disagreed with him. Now he says he is going to try and make friends with other kids there (at the Mix= The mix is….a church has an area that they open for kids from the area to go and play games, do sports and other such things where they don’t have their parents around but are still out of trouble and have adults that are supervising them) and try to get along with them so he has other friends that are not such jerks.
    • WahE is still doing well. I am still trying to figure out how to channel his personality into a way to not bother his father and brothers. HE is one of those people that seems to need to be helping others but sadly others take it as him being a buttinski and they get mad at him for it.

    And the last news….

    I am starting up a women’s get together sort of thing. It started out that one of the women that I did the inner healing thing with, wanted to spend some time without kids and not at work, so I suggested that we get together and maybe do a book to continue or healing journey. She agreed and liked the book I suggested. Last night she called me and informed me that she as 3 other people that are going to meet with us and do the book with us, and do I mind if I make sure we focus on it and do the work and maybe prepare a bit of something so I am leading it???

    I agreed. I am ok with it….just going to take a bit of getting used to the idea. Funny thing is I just went to a leadership workshop a week prior and was wondering if I was cut out to be any kind of leader or what I should do. I went because it was a workshop on how we can effect change in our little environments for the better and such. At the end I didn’t think I had much to do to make my realm better other than striving a bit harder to be a better parent. So I guess this little meeting is going to be a step and I can help these women to strive to better themselves a bit hopefully.

    We will see.

February 27, 2014

  • Oh goodness….

    The days have escaped me. Time has flown. I am now the mother of  22, 17, 12, and 10 year old boys. The time has just flown by.

    LilE had his birthday and he had a blast. He got what he wanted and a bit more, he went to Boomers mini golf and rides place. He seemed to have a blast as he was able to go with a friend (I will call him AK because I found him so). After we went for pizza and then dropped his friend AK off and went our way home.

    LilE went to bed a very happy boy but then…..

    Sadly his little precious mind started working and his tummy got all in knots. He analyzed the whole day and found he was mad at AK and decided he didn’t want to be friends with him. His tummy got in such knots that he ended up sick and puking. As he was recouping he started telling me things that AK did. I was upset. He is looking at cutting this kid out of his life completely. Sadly, I advised him to do the things this kid likes with him and find other friends as well.

    I also told him that he needs to let the kid know he doesn’t want this kid to do the things he did that bothered LilE.

    One of the things that happened while out at Boomers, LilE comment on a girls shirt. She was wearing a Doctor Who shirt and he liked it. The other girls who were in line with their friend in front of LilE, WahE and AK. LilE and WahE chatted with them as the line moved. This upset AK so he told the girls that what they were talking about was stupid and he told LilE he was an idiot all the while pulling his hair. I didn’t know this till too late.

    This was just one of the things that AK did. WahE told me some of the things AK said to him about LilE as well as telling both that I was a horrible parent. I was trying to keep them from growing up. This is because I won’t let my kids that are 10 and 12 play first person shooter that are either rated 17 or Mature.

    So all this was weighing on LilE and on top of it he spent so much time running around and little eating decent food he got hungry, worked up, stressed out and sick.

    To make matters worse, he was fearful of seeing AK and having to tell him that he was mad. Or any of the other things. He didn’t want to have the confrontation.

    He is over it and in a few days he will be spending time with AK. I hope he can grow from this. I hope that he can reach out and try to find other friends as well.

    As for AK. I don’t like him one bit. But  I don’t know much about him. I do know he is from a bad family situation and he is also puberty hormonal kid. Not a good combo.  As for the way he treated LilE he is always bragging that girls like him but when they talked with my kids and not AK, I think he was jealous.

February 18, 2014

  • Still in february….

    Sunday was a really good day for me.

    • I was gifted a ticket to a small concert.
    • I lost the ticket.
    • When retraced my steps to look for it I ran into the people that were in charge of the concert.
    • They remembered that I was gifted a ticket and said they had no problem replacing it, just show up at will call.
    • On my way out of venue ran into a few women that I know and was able to chat with them a bit.
    • Showed up at concert and met a few new people that they have seen me around but never had courage to chat with them.
    • Had someone tell me they thought I would be great at something that I have thought about for a while and that if interested I should talk with XXXXXXXX.
    • Need to find out who that is and talk with them.

    My BigE, yesterday came out of his room and asked, “Mom are you needing to go to any store soon?”

    “Yes,” I responded, “I need to go to Sm&F.”

    “Can you take me to go with you I want to get something to eat.”

    So off we went. He took me to Joe’s Crab Shack with WahEGGO.  He paid for the three of us to have a crab bucket, a couple of appetizers. Then when we were done we walked around the bay for a bit. Took some photos, stopped at a frozen yogurt shop for a light desert. Then off we went and headed back to the store and off to home. It was the best weekend for me in a long time.

    Coming up this next weekend is LilE’s 12th birthday. We have a few plans.

February 14, 2014

  • Moments of bragging

    • BigEGGO while at work today noticed some of the ladies, they were working in the bank that is inside the store, looked miserable. When he was on his break  my amazing child went over and purchased 15 chocolate covered strawberries and gave them to the afore mentioned ladies. He said the rest of the day they were supper happy and so nice to all the rest of the customers.
    • My MidEGGO went to a dance, had the best night of his life and now seems to have come out of his shell. The gal is going to go out with him again and they seem to be great friends.
    • My WahEGGO has been doing most of his own laundry on his own and doing a good job.
    • BigEGGO is now 22 and still as amazing as ever.
    • I have several kids that I “adopted” as my own and now 4 of them are over 18, considered adults.


February 8, 2014

  • Happy Saturday…

    Today I woke up and drove E to work so that WahE could participate in the pine box grand prix he had entered. We got him there in time and he went through the motions of practice runs and such. He was consistent 1st or 2nd for 8 runs. Then races began.

    He placed 2nd, 2nd, 3rd and 2nd again. Sadly he didn’t win. HE didn’t win even second place there were just too many other competitors and they had more tools to have their cars made than I have here. He was a bit disappointed but then I pointed out we now have a year to perfect his car and get it made right so that next year his car can run faster. That made his day.

    Then he realized…. the other kids have a year to do the same and he may not get that good.

    At this point I reminded him that there were those that placed 3rd and 4th so he was above average in his car’s runs.

    He was happy once again.

    In other news, BigE is turning 22 this month and LilE is going to be 12 this month as well. BigE has been getting a lot of extra hours for the last 2 weeks as well as next week. He was told that they can’t schedule him for more hours till he has worked there for 6 months and he just started in the middle of October. Last week he worked 36 hours and was told he isn’t supposed to work more than 32 till he has worked the 6 months.

    They are waiting till that 6th month point to train him for all the other departments they want him trained for. Then when he has trained for those departments they want to start to train him for assistant manager . He has been asked as it is to do some of the duties of ass. mgr.

    One of the ladies that has been there for 3 years was whining that she isn’t being trained for anything like that. Then  when they said who it was we were talking about (BigE) the whiner said.”Oh it is BigE I understand that now.” quite calmly she walked off. He is a charmed kid.